Almora City, A Must Visit For All


Almora is a metropolitan board, a cantonment town in the Almora region in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Almora was established in 1568. It is also the region central command of Almora region. It is viewed as the social heart of the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand. Closest Railway Station – Kathgodam 82 km (via Bhimtal), 86 km(via NH 87 ). Well, the closest airport to Almora is Pantnagar Airport 113 km.

Almora is a locale place situated at the southern part of Uttarakhand State in India. Arranged at an elevation of 1, 638 meters above the ocean level, Almora offers stunning perspectives of the snow-topped Himalayas. In addition, Almora has a large group of fascinating spots that one can visit.

The Township of Almora is the area headquarters and has every one of the offices for a vacationer of the 21st century. This antiquated hill station is presumed for its mindblowing atmosphere and is roosted on a 5 Km. long steed saddle shape edge in the middle of the rivers Kosi and Suyal and has been a social and political area of Kumaun for very nearly four hundred years, settled by Chand Rajas and sustained by the British.

One can experience the beauties of the views of the frigid tops of Himalayas on any sunny morning and what’s more a quick glance at the township with its tiled roofed houses and cleared boulevards would take you to the sixteenth century in some keen atmosphere.

Adjacent spots of visiting where an outing can be made within a day are Bright End Corner’s exceptional dusk, Chitai temple with its special gathering of metal chimes of all sizes, skilled to the temples by followers since hundreds of years, Kasar Devi which houses numerous Europians who went gaga for the spot so much that they settled down, Nanda Devi Temple the social and religious focal point of Almora for the present several years and Lala Bazar and one of a kind business sector of more than two hundred years with cleared lanes of stone.

Festivals in the City Of Almora:

  1. Makar sankranti
  2. Phool Dei
  3. Harela and Bhitauli
  4. Khatarua
  5. Bat savitri
  6. Dushhera
  7. Hiljatra

Languages spoken in the city of Almora:

The languages spoken in the city of Almora are basically Garhwali, Kumauni, and Hindi.


Almora Nagar Palika Parishad has an overall organization of more than 8,014 houses to which, it supplies fundamental civilities like water and sewerage.

Ancient Temples of Java

The ancient temples of Borobudur, Sewu and Prambanan in Java are impressive monuments to Asia’s oldest civilisations. The Borobudur temple compound was established in the 8th century. It has been witness to more than 1,200 years of history.

The Hindu temples at Prambanan and Sewu Buddhist temple date back to the 10th century. The temples at Prambanan have been ravaged by theft, decay, earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. It is testament to the resilience of the local people that they repair and rebuild each time a nature destroys or damages their community and heritage.

The temple compounds are open to visitors and devotees making offerings to the gods. It is considered polite to dress conservatively when visiting the temples. Bare chests, shoulders and skirts or shorts that come above the knee are generally frowned upon.

Arriving in Java

I flew into Yogyakarta from Singapore. Many flights are also available from Indonesian airports including Denpasar (Bali) and Jakarta. Java is mainly serviced by the budget airlines.

Check with the Indonesian consulate web page to see if you need a visa to enter Indonesia.

Australians will need to apply and pay for a Visa on Arrival at the airport. The fee is payable in USD. Always keep your boarding pass from the plane to show to immigration officials when you arrive.

I was able to arrange airport transfers via the hotel where I staying. A driver with a clean, air-conditioned car was waiting for me when I arrived.

Getting around

Motorbikes are the most popular form of local transport. Becaks (pedicabs) provide tourists with an alternative method of touring the city. Negotiate the fare with the driver before accepting a ride.

There is very little in the way of organised tours to the temples. The best method for exploring these sites is to arrange your own transport. A local guide can be hired when you purchase your tickets at the temple compound.

When I arrived the city had recently been showered in volcanic ash from Mount Kelud. The clean up was still ongoing. To avoid the worst of the dust I decided to hire a driver and a car from the hotel. Bookings could be made for either a day or half day as required.

Borobudur Temple

The ancient Buddhist Borobudur Temple is about 40 kilometres from Yogyakarta. The temple attracts both tourists and pilgrims.

Bring your walking shoes, hat or umbrella to keep the sun and rain off your head. There is a long walk from the car park to the temple. Very little shade or shelter from the weather is available.

Borobudur is a fascinating and imposing structure consisting of 100’s of well preserved statutes (506 Buddha in total), stupas and carved stone relief’s.

Borobudur is on the UNSECO World Heritage list for great cultural and religious significance. There is a UNESCO billboard with instructions for entering and appreciating the temple compound for the uninitiated.

I was in Java about a week after a volcanic eruption had dumped ash on Yogyakarta and the surrounding area. Some parts of the temple were still closed for cleaning. It was raining constantly on the day that I visited. Not to be put off by the weather, I bought a bright red rain poncho from the market stalls located near the entrance gates.

The temple compound was not crowded. A handful of people in their brightly coloured ponchos could be seen walking around admiring the ancient temple.

I enjoyed being able to take my time to walk around in relative solitude. There were times when there was no one in sight. It is eerie to stand within an ancient temple and feel completely alone.

It was very quiet until I met a group of high school children on an excursion to learn about the temple.

The students were keen to practice their English language skills with me. Talking to the students made it a very entertaining afternoon!

Prambanan Temples and Shrines

Prambanan temple compound is about 15 kilometres from Yogyakarta. It is popular destination for tourists and devotees.

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. The three main temples are dedicated to the gods Shiva, Visnu, and Brahma. There are 240 Hindu temples and shrines within the compound.

I was able to hire a local guides who spoke many languages to walk around the site with me and point out or explain significant structures when I bought my ticket to enter the temple compound.

My guide was an excellent story teller and had many informative and amusing tales to tell about the statutes and scenes carved in the stone relief’s.

I found that having a guide ensured that I saw and understood more about the temples, local history and legends than I would have walking around alone.

The compound is huge and the ground is very uneven in places. Flat walking shoes are essential.

It was fairly quiet on the day that I visited. I was able to walk around uninterrupted and enjoy exploring the multitude of temples and shrines at my own pace.

It is fascinating to see the level of detail and workmanship that has gone into creating each stone in the monuments. Every object is designed to be a thing of beauty.

Some of the structures only had the base and a few carved stones remaining. Others looked as if they had been completely restored.

Only temples and shrines that have sufficient stones remaining (75% of the original structure) have been rebuilt.

The Prambanan temples are surrounded by a large park that includes the Sewu Buddhist temple compound.

The park covers 39.8 hectares and contains the ruins of around 500 shrines and temples. You could easily spend an entire day exploring the site.

There is a small train that loops around the temples if you are unable to walk or have young children to entertain.

I did a loop of the park in the train to get my bearings.

The best way to soak up the atmosphere of the temples is on foot.

Sewu Buddhist Temple

The Sewu Buddhist temple compound is in the same park as the Prambanan Hindu temples.

The presence of the temples so closely together is evidence of the two religions co-existing peacefully at the time.

My guide informed me that it was common for the local people of different faiths to inter-marry with the women mostly followers of Hindu and the men followers of the Buddhist traditions.

The Buddhist temple is a little more decayed, but just as beautifully constructed as the Hindu temple. There are signs that display the original layout to help you make sense of the jumble of rubble and standing structures.

The Sewu temple attracts less people and you may even find yourself alone amidst the ruins. Devotees still come to the temple to make offerings to the gods. You mind find their brightly coloured offerings in various locations as you walk around.

The restoration process at Sewu is still ongoing.

The site that incorporates Prambanan and Sewu is now included on the UNESCO world heritage list.

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Things You Must Know About Baguio City

Known as the “City of Pines”, this mountain town of the Philippines is an awesome and super amazing weekend retreat. Nestled in Luzon Island, Baguio City is a destination comprising of wonderful resorts and glamorous universities.

Baguio City boasts of dream like topography, mind blowing cityscape, most comfortable climate, bustling lanes, churches, mansions, palaces and parks. For a perfect vacation one can explore the city- its popular tourist destinations, check out amazing eateries and go for incredible retail therapy.

First and foremost, when visiting Baguio, pick your choice from the innumerable stay options to book the stay. Popular names are The Manor, Baguio Country Club and Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Baguio, The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, Bloomfield Hotel, Hotel Veniz and The Golden Pine.

When visiting Baguio, visit Burnham Park. Burnham Park is located at the heart of the city, sprawling over 32.84 hectares of land. This is quite a popular park and known for rose garden, skating rink, kids play area, Igorot garden, picnic grove, athletic bowl, Orchidarium, Japanese Peace Tower, Pine Trees of the World and Sunshine park. One can also explore Baguio cathedral. This is a glamorous and majestic church named after Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. Located atop the Mount Mary Hill, this is a rose coloured edifice, comprising of twin spires. The church boasts of its stunning style, architecture and internal vibrant décor and offers a panoramic view of the entire city. Mines View Park boasts of an outstanding sight of gold and copper mines and the Cordillera ranges. Session Road is the primary artery and heart of Baguio and the most crowded and bustling commercial area. The first session of Philippine Commission was held here- hence the nomenclature. Lined with retail outlets and corporate houses, this always crowded avenue is a perfect place for a chilled out stroll and lovely retail therapy. Comprising of well-appointed departmental stores, boutiques, bazaars, old movie houses and quaint cafes and eateries, this road is always a traveller’s pick. One can also shop at tourist market of Mines View Park, Good Shepherd Convent on Gibraltar Road and lots of souvenir shops lined throughout.

The City Where the Gods Reside – Shimla

Perhaps the coziest of all the hill stations, Shimla, is aptly called ‘the queen of hills’. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, and once served as the summer capital for British India. This quaint, little hill station was just another lost paradise in the Himalayas before the British discovered it in the early 19th century.

Lying in the south-west ranges of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, Shimla is located on seven major hills, namely Observatory Hill, Inveram Hill, Summer Hill, Prospect Hill, Bantony Hill, Jakhoo Hill and Elysium Hill.

India’s highest ranked hotels are in Shimla. Some of the older hotels have retained their colonial architecture and remain booked throughout the year.

Shimla has an abundance of places for travelers and tourists of all kinds. The best ones are listed below:

1. Summer Hills: An exceptionally beautiful, picturesque town, situated at an altitude of 1283 meters. It is just a few kilometers away from Ridge road on the way down to Kalka. The place is away from the hustle-bustle of Shimla and surrounded by quiet hills. This place is ideal for people who adore long, quiet walks and cherish solitude as much as they adore good company.
2. Jakhoo Hill: The highest peak in Shimla, at a height of 8000 ft, Jakhoo hill is a place swarmed by pilgrims and nature lovers alike. The hill top has a newly built statue of Lord Hanuman along with the Jakhoo temple. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the temple. Alternatively, you can hire cabs.
3. Chadwick falls: This famous waterfall is surrounded by dense forest with lush green deodar and pine trees which amplifies the immense beauty of the waterfall.
4. Lakkar Bazaar: This colourful market is famous for its woolen apparels, handicrafts, dry fruits, and Kullu shawls. A trip to Shimla is not complete without shopping at Lakkar bazaar.

5. Kufri: At 2622 meters above sea level, Kufri is rightly called the winter sports capital. Winters in Kufri witness a lot of foot-fall due to skiing and ice skating.
6. Shimla state museum: Located on Mount Pleasant, it is famous for its colonial architecture. Applauded for its rich heritage, the museum has preserved the age-old artifacts, paintings and sculptures.
7. The Ridge: The ridge runs along the Mall road and is located centrally in Shimla. It offers a breathtaking view of the numerous mountains surrounding Shimla. Also, you get to see the Christ church, one of the oldest churches in north India.

Heavenly Subway System – Seoul

Most of the main cities in developed and even some developing countries are featured with fabulously convenient public transport. Whether it is O-Bahn buses in Adelaide, trams in Amsterdam, subway in Tokyo, or trains in Barcelona.

Having lived in Seoul for 4 years, the capital city of South Korea has never ceased to amaze me with its wonders. The incredible subway system tops the list of my favourite things about Seoul. Seoul Metro should triumph as the best subway system in the world hands down.

Many areas in the city are accessible by the subway, as well as some towns of the province around Seoul and the number of destinations is yet to be increasing. Hop on the subway in Seoul, destinations can be reached fast and easy especially for travellers; if not directly, it would just be an easy transfer to the bus. Subway entrances can be found right at the front of the great royal palace of Joseon, entrances are located on several parts of a shopping district, and some right by the beautiful Han river where one can take a stroll before sunset after a long day exploring the city.

I find Seoul Metro a lot more user-friendly than the one in Barcelona for instance, and even Tokyo’s. I have not personally been to New York City, but I have heard similar comments made by friends from the big apple that Seoul Metro beats it all. Multiple routes make traveling exceptionally convenient in Seoul, and again, new routes are increasing or extending every year. Transfer between lines is a piece of cake with clear signs and also announcement in both Korean and English. Transfer to buses is also not a big drama especially with the help of the app. Transfers are free within an hour or more depends on the time of day.

Can it be better? The answer is: Yes. The subway is always on time. The real time location tracking of the subway’s whereabouts on the screens at the station lets you know exactly how far away your subway is or if you have to make a short race down the platform (not recommendable! Not worth the risk of tripping as the next train won’t be more than a few minutes anyway.) In addition to that, the metro app provides an accurate real time schedule and time estimated of the journey between stations.

Other than the subway information, the screens in the station and on the subway often play a series of entertaining Korean commercials and animations. The next time when you take the subway in Seoul, look away from your smartphones and check out the screens. Vending machines, ATMs, convenience stores, and even shops are commonly seen in the station. Snack booths can also be found on the platforms in some stations. Forget your sandwich on the way to work? No problem, grab a kimbab (Korean rice roll) at the booth. Major stations like Gangnam Station and Jamsil Station are located within the underground shopping area. As convenient as it is, you won’t even need to get out to the street to get your shopping done if you are having the “anti-sun” mode on. Just kidding, but you would appreciate it when it’s -20ºC outside.

The last but not least, free wifi is really the icing on the cake. Seoul is known as the world most wired city. Internet speed in Korea in general is incomparable. Free wifi is almost everywhere in Korea, especially in Seoul. Beyond question free wifi is available at most subway stations and also on the subway.

Seoul Metro is more than merely a subway ride. What more could you ask for? By all means, Seoul is amazing in many ways. If you haven’t, visit Seoul on your next vacation and check out Seoul Metro.

4 Tips for Buying Jewelry in Bali

When it comes to jewelry, everyone wants to get their hands on the rarest and most unique items. There’s a certain ecstasy in showing off your once-in-a-lifetime pieces to your friends and relatives. It’s for this kick that people go out of their way to buy priceless jewelry.

There are many hubs where you can find this kind of jewelry but by far the one place that provides the real thrill is Bali, Indonesia.

Bali has one of the largest jewelry industries that is famous for its traditional as well as contemporary designs. The artwork is intricate by all definitions, the prettiest you’ll see anywhere.

The gold and silversmiths of Bali are actually famous for keeping their rich culture and traditions alive through their craftsmanship. They use special techniques to craft delicate designs.

Jawan is one such technique through which the artisans create miniature spots of silver on specific parts of the jewelry. Another one includes the intricate filigree artwork which is widely loved by all. Balinese jewelry is usually handmade and very little, if any, is made by casting methods.

The main hub to find authentic Balinese jewelry is the village of Celuk in Bali. Furthermore, there are many shops set around the city that deals in traditional Balinese jewelry. It takes a seasoned expert to find the best authentic pieces from around the city.

Here are a few tips which might help you find what you are looking for.

1. When you are in Bali, you need to be extra careful. There are many forged versions of traditional jewelry available across the city. It’ll cost you the same as the original one but will actually be just a hoax.

For this reason, the government has marked genuine shops, known as Pegadaians. These shops offer authentic gold jewelry and also provide a certificate that ensures the jewelry you bought is real. You can also seek them for certifying the jewelry you purchased from elsewhere.

2. When you’re in Bali (or anywhere else for that matter), remember never to divulge too much information. Particularly when you’re looking to buy Balinese jewelry, practice stealth. The city is buzzing with agents who are eavesdropping your conversations and hoping to bag a healthy commission. You might end up paying a lot more than you actually should.

3. Make sure you know all about the three types of Balinese jewelry – Antique, Tribal, and Modern. Antique and Tribal jewelry are never marked with alloy standards whereas Modern jewelry is always marked. Modern jewelry is mostly the remake of tribal jewelry. If you’re not aware of this simple fact, you’ll end up overpaying for your jewelry.

4. If you are a fan of precious gemstones and you want the local artisans to use it in your personalized Balinese jewelry, make sure you carry your lot with you. Indonesia does not produce a large quantity of these gemstones and hence experiences inflated prices. Better safe than sorry!

And if you have no plans to travel to Bali in the near future but are eager enough to buy authentic Balinese jewelry, there are quite a few places where you can buy your favorite pieces from.

Look through the resource box for more information on this.

Get Indulged In The Enthralling Nightlife Of Goa

Goa is popularly known as the land of tropical paradise and is best known for its spectacular and sensuous sea beaches. The enchanting tourist spot lures tourists from different parts of the globe. The primary charisma of the scintillating beaches comes from their silvery sand, and azure sea. Adventure enthusiasts can also participate in different water activities in Goa like surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, water-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing. The small Indian state comprises of picturesque beaches, natural beauty, historical churches, cashew and coconut plantations, dense forests, the Indo-Portuguese culture and the nightlife in Goa.

Traveler planning for Goa vacation trip can simply enjoy the soothing climatic condition and catch a glimpse of the lush greenery of the place that includes coconut and palm trees and also enjoy shopping. Goa is a place to chill out with friends and family. A Goan trip can delight the travelers a lot and help in a refreshing and rejuvenate their mind. The nightlife in Goa is another wonderful attraction of this Place that deserves special mention. Party freaks can simply get indulged in the late night parties as it is the ultimate destination for people who wish to party in full swing. Goa is also popularly known for its scrumptious cuisines and beach parties, which are also termed as rave or moonlight parties.

Well-known nightclubs of Goa:

There are multiple night clubs, bars, pubs and discotheques in Goa, where travelers can enjoy a memorable night party. These clubs and pubs also offer amazing discounts to the couples and it is a big hit amongst national and international tourists. Some of the finest Casinos of India are also located here, and they are a crucial part of the nightlife in Goa. The casinos are located across the river Mandovi and people and enjoy games like Stud Poker, Baccarat, Black Jack, Flash, Roulette, and Rummy. The popular Anjuna Beach is also a hotspot for the night parties. This beach comprises of several bars and nightclubs where people love to party.

Some of the popular discos and nightclubs of Goa are:

• Club Tito’s- The popular nightclub is situated on the Baga beach and is one of the most crowded and happening clubs of Goa. The Club was founded in 1971 and since then is has been a heaven for party animals. The place is equipped with all sorts of modern and technological music system and facilities. Even national and international celebrities prefer to visit this nightclub.

• Cafe Mambo’s- The club is situated on the Baga beach, and it has an open air environment for the guests. People can enjoy the nightlife in Goa and taste the delicious Goan cuisines while listening to the latest music.
• Club Antoos- The scintillating view of the beach and the grooving atmosphere makes this club a hotspot for the honeymooners and young couples.
• Paradisio Nightclub- The famous discotheque is located near Anjuna and Vagator and is popular amongst party freaks who love drinking and partying harder.

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Awesome Places to Explore in Bangalore

In case you’re new to Bangalore and vigilant for somebody who could give you a look into probably the most famous attractions of the city, look no further. We begin with the ‘Cultivate City of India’ and consistently we’ll give you experiences into another city. Bangalore as we as a whole know is the Information Technology center point of India thronged every year by lakhs of designing graduates. Not just this, the Indian Space Research Organization is headquartered here as well. While we can continue endlessly about Bangalore, one of the urban communities we cherish and we’re certain you do as well, we should delay for quite a while. Aside from the mechanical accomplishments Bangalore has been making through a far cry, we should not overlook the authentic past the city has had.

Bangalore was established by Kempe Gowda I towards the mid sixteenth century. Throughout the years, diverse kingdoms continued changing the scene of the city. We should investigate a portion of the design remains the city still brags of and where you could go and invest some decent money in properties for sale in Bangalore with your family.

Lal Bagh, a greenhouse was authorized by Hyder Ali in 1760. This 240 section of land stop houses more than 1000 types of plants. A bloom show is held each year for which it is generally acclaimed. The Lal Bagh plant premises encompass one of the four watchtowers raised by Kempe Gowda I. A 3000 million year old shake known by the name of the place is a standout amongst the most renowned vacation destinations here.

The Tipu Sultan Fort at first worked by Kempe Gowda I was later stretched out by Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore. Going back to 1537, the fortress bears declaration to the battle of the Mysore kingdom against British run the show. Inside the regions of the fortification lies the mid year royal residence of Tipu Sultan that goes back to year 1790. After Tipu Sultan’s passing the royal residence was utilized by the British as their secretariat, till 1867.

The HAL Aerospace Museum gives you a look at the development of the flying business of India and HAL for a long time. The exhibition hall houses a scope of flying machine, helicopters and flight motor models. On the off chance that you need to think about the relentless development of Indian flying, this may very well be the place for you.

The Kempegowda Museum was inherent respect of Kempe Gowda I, the originator of Bangalore. Situated on the primary floor of Mayo Hall, the exhibition hall houses Kempegowda statue alongside pictures of various design stays from his time. On the off chance that you seek to know a greater amount of Bangalore city since its initiation, this is the place you ought to must visit.

Bannerghatta National Park arranged at a separation of roughly 21 km from Bangalore is best known for its lion and tiger safari rides. Alternate attractions here incorporate a crocodile and a snake cultivate. On the off chance that all you need is to absorb the magnificence of nature and see creatures in their normal environment, we request that you begin off from here.

The rundown is unending. These are our main five picks. Have an extraordinary time getting a charge out of the city and let us know how it went!

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4 Of The Best Places For Shopping In Delhi

Encompassing a substantially rich part of India’s history, Delhi has been one of the most important trading centers in Northern India since the medieval period. A number of modern localities like Sheikh Sarai have derived their names from Delhi’s antique trading locations.

What we have in the capital city today are not trading towns, but shopping hubs, complexes, markets and malls, scattered all over the city, buzzing with people from all walks of life.

Mentioned below is the list of some of the best shopping destinations in Delhi that cater to the peculiar needs of unique Delhiites and numerous tourists inundating the city.

1. Dilli Haat

Transporting you straight to the magical world of Indian heritage, Dilli Haat is an open-air craft bazaar and food plaza. A brainchild of Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation, it features handloom stalls and cultural activities, among food stalls from all the states of India. You can savour on the local foods from different Indian regions under one roof.

Once inside the complex, you’d come across a shebang of sandalwood and rosewood carvings, camel hide footwear, gems, beads, wool fabrics, exotic fabrics and drapery, etc. It’s a treasure house of Indian culture and much more than just a market place.

2. Janpath

Located opposite the famous Connaught Place, Janpath is an amalgamation of local stalls and fixed shops. It’s a fairly old marketplace which was referred to as the ‘Queen’s Way’ until early the 90s. Bedecked with latest fashion accessories and apparels for both men and women, Janpath is the go-to place for all those low on budget and good at bargaining.

You could choose from ethnic dresses, regular clothing, artificial jewellery, silver jewellery, leather footwear, Rajasthani paintings, furniture, decorative, carpets, etc.

3. Palika Bazaar

Located in the same vicinity as Janpath market, Palika Bazaar is an underground, centrally air-conditioned market beneath the inner circle of Connaught Place. Hosting hundreds of shops, the bazaar is particularly famous among the international tourists for electronics and clothing. Known for its fairly low prices and counterfeit products, it would be wise to think twice before cracking a deal here.

4. Khari Baoli

Situated in the old quarters of Delhi, Khari Baoli is a sensory experience of aroma, colour and taste. This is perhaps the biggest wholesale spice market in Asia. At reasonable prices, you would get to lay on your hands on some of the most exotic spices, herbs, nuts, rice and tea leaves in the world.

Top 5 Places That Tourists Must Visit In India

India is alluring its visitors since time immemorial. It gives an affable affair, which is unforgettable to its visitors. India offers an overwhelming diversity of natural beauty, flora, and fauna. Moreover, a proud history of social legacy is renowned for its hospitality to people who are intrigued by the numerous enchanting stories about India.

In the event that you additionally wish to spend some memorable moments in this country, then you ought to look at this rundown of most renowned places in India, which you can visit.

1. Agra:

Situated in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Agra is home to numerous notable attractions ranging from the exceptional Taj Mahal to the brilliant Agra Fort, the Swami Bagh and Ram Bagh gardens and endless tombs and different landmarks, each full to the brim of Mughal flavor. Places one must include in the tour itinerary for Agra includes:

• Taj Mahal
• Agra Fort
• Fatehpur Sikri
• Sikandara

2. Kashmir:

Kashmir is the most beautiful region in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, which is popularly known as the “Switzerland of India “. Kashmir tours are best known for beauteous sunsets by pristine Dal Lake, rejuvenating nature walks in the lush jungles, the adrenaline rush of adventure activities, love for folk culture, art, and architecture and so much more. Some famous tourist spots in Kashmir includes:

• Dal Lake
• Shankracharya Hill
• Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden
• Mughal Garden
• Hazratbal mosque
• Chasme Shahi Garden and Shalimar Bagh

3. Mumbai:

Located in the southwestern part of India, Mumbai is the Business Capital of India. It is one of the most glamorous and happening cities of India. With innumerable sightseeing destinations and a vivid scope of things to do, Mumbai hurls a large group of incredible experiences to its visitors. Given below are some famous tourist spots in Mumbai:

• Gateway of India
• Haji Ali
• Juhu Beach
• Marine Drive
• Chowpatty Beach
• Ancient Caves

4. Jaipur:

Jaipur is the sparkling city of Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. The incredible view of the glorious and garish design of the forts in a blend with the rich convention of workmanship and culture are the fundamental fascination of the visit. It is also known as the ‘Pink City’. While your Jaipur tours you can visit these places for an unforgettable holiday:

• Amber Fort
• Hawa Mahal
• Albert Hall
• City Palace
• Nahargarh Fort

5. Kerala:

Kerala is an enchanting tourist destination situated in the southwestern part of India. It is enriched with grand slope stations, immaculate palm bordered delightful shorelines, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, amazing backwaters, antiquated holy places and royal residences, and so forth. Places one must visit includes:

• Alappuzha Beach
• Cherai Beach
• Backwaters and Houseboats
• Ayurveda and Spa of Kerala
• Beypore Beach

The tourism board advises tourists to contact only fully authorized, reputed and trustworthy tour guides and tour operators to ensure a safe travel.