A Trip to Remember – Puri to Bhubaneshwar

Puri, home to Lord Jagannatha is a place every spiritual Indian loves to visit. Located on the Bay of Bengal coast, this amazing city offers a sense of calm, peace and tranquility which is unusual to find in Indian cities. The famous Rath Yatra attracts a large number of people from all over the world to be a part of this magnificent event. Many people embark on a journey that takes them to various places, some known and some obscure places in Orissa. When planning a trip from Puri to Bhubaneshwar, there are a lot of activities and amazing sights to enjoy and take pleasure in. Here, we bring you 5 most important activities and sights to enjoy while on the trip.

5 Things to see

Amazing Views of Sunrise and Sunset

It is important to note that Puri has been positioned in such a way that the city witnesses stunning views of sunset and sunrise. If possible, visit the beach early in the morning to catch the early morning rays of the Sun. This is the best time and place to enjoy this panoramic vista.

Promenade and Puri Beach

Every weekend the famous beach in Puri and the Promenade area becomes a perfect place for the revelers to enjoy and have great fun with friends and family.

Visit the Temples on the way

It is significant to note that the temples built in the state of Orissa manifest Nagara style of architecture, which is quite unique in itself. There are three parts in these temples, namely, Jagamohana, Shikhara and Natamandira. To enter the garbhgriha, one has to pass through the Jagmohana. The temples are vibrantly painted and exquisitely carved.

Nandan Kanan Zoo

Visit the famous Nandan Kanan Zoo and watch the wild animals in all their glory. It is an interesting activity, especially, if there are kids along with you.

Orissa Modern Art Gallery

If you want to know more about the art and culture of this state and how it progressed across various dynasties that ruled over this area, visiting Orissa Modern Art Gallery is a great idea. There is no dearth of artifacts on display that shed lights on the erstwhile era.

Places to Visit


Konark has always been known for its magnificent Sun Temple, built in the 13th century and considered as a perfect example of poetry in stone. Konark adds a very significant chapter to the architectural history of the country. The ruins of this stunning temple were found buried beneath the sands, which was later painstakingly restored back to its original glory. Located at a distance of 65 km from Bhubaneshwar, this temple has been built in the classic style of architecture. It is chariot shaped and truly magnificent in its carvings and splendor.


Orissa also enjoys a tenacious connection with Lord Buddha, although he never visited this area in his lifetime. One of the prominent Buddhist sites in Orissa is Dhauli, a place known for its third century Ashoka edicts. The Peace Pagoda or the Shanti Stupa is also worth visiting. The place has a lot of historical value as this was the place where Emperor Ashoka experienced a change of heart and gave away with war and violence.


Pipli is famous for its stunning applique work. This is basically a traditional embroidery art which has brought Orissa on the country’s handicraft map. A variety of colored fabric is cut into myriad sizes and shapes and painstakingly sewn together to create a perfect example of stitchery. Embellishment using metal, glass, beads, etc., add further attraction to this art.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Located at a distance of 3 km from Konark, the Chandrabhaga Beach is known for its International Sand Art Festival that is organized on this beach every year in the month of December. A mesmerizing lighthouse, a fish-market and a huge fisherman colony also attract a large number of visitors who wish to know more about the lifestyle of people living in this area.


This is also one of the significant beaches in Orissa. It is situated at the confluence of Kusabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal. The beach derives its name from the deity presiding over this region, Ramchandi. People love to enjoy and frolic in the waters at this beach located just 7 km away from Konark.

Sakhi Gopal

Sakshi Gopal is a very famous temple located in the town Sakshi-Gopala, almost 20 km away from Jagannath Puri. This is a Lord Krishna Temple. The idol was earlier in Vrindavan. The temple has an interesting story which is still recounted fondly by the people of this town.

Plan your visit from Puri to Bhubaneshwar with great care and enjoy a lot of interesting and fun-filled activities and sights on the way.