Decoding the Myth of Malcha Mahal in Delhi

Exploring the unknown have always excited the adventurous kinds. The sheer feeling of finding out the reality behind a folklore, a legend or a cryptic place surely creates goosebumps. One such strange location is the mysterious Malcha Mahal in Delhi. Located just at the ridge forest behind the Rashtrapati Bhavan, not many have the knowledge of what exactly lies in the deep woods. Some say there’s an office of government’s secret service department while others say it’s quite similar to what the US have as Area 51. Several others believe that the location was once a burial ground for the British officers and their lost souls still haunt the area. But, nobody knows what actually lies there. If you’ve got a similar flair for finding out the reality behind it, you can check these spooky places on a weekend and easily find a Delhi to Mumbai flights price to return.

The national capital, owing to its strategic location, has been under the rulership of several kingdoms and dynasties. From the Hindu kings to the Muslim kings of the Lodhi Dynasty and from the Mughal rulers to the British Raj, the city has seen it all. These bounds of monarchy also led to the establishment of several monuments and historical structures. While some are celebrated structures, others carry a daunting memory and thus have become more enigmatic with their presence. Looks like whoever built the Malcha Mahal, certainly did not have a great experience with life.

The mahal is located in the Central Ridge Forest area on Bistdari Road and for the lovers of offbeat and haunted places, this one place is definitely recommended. Due to its location at the Bistdari Road, the mahal is also known, Bistdari Mahal. According to the historians, the mahal is was constructed by the royal Nawabs of the Oudh region in 1600 A.D and it served as a community guest house for the travelers passing through the area. The region was then under the control of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, whose great-granddaughter, princess Wilayat Mahal took control of the property in the 20th century. Locals say that the begum had a long strife with the British over the rights on the property. After a long legal battle, the British gave the mahal to the begum, who settled in with her two kids, however, the long tenure of courtroom drama had its effect and she committed suicide leaving behind her children. It is also said that her kids didn’t perform the burial rituals and stayed with her body in the house for more than 10 days, after which the locals intervened and proceeded with the ceremonies.

Many believe that it is the spirit of the begum that haunts not only the mahal but the area in its radius. Locals and travelers passing through the area have spotted a mysterious floating figure of a woman on the roads and several cases of major accidents have been reported in the past few years. Since the location is just behind the presidential palace, a tight vigil is maintained by the local police and if found in the area at odd hours, you might find yourself behind the bars as well.

It’s because of such factors the Malcha Mahal has been counted amongst one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Delhi, despite all the myths.