4 Spectular Spots of Delhi

Delhi is the National Capital of the Republic of India. Delhi is historically and culturally linked to both Top Doab of the Yamuna-Ganges river, stream framework and the Punjab region. It really is bordered by the state of Haryana on three sides and by state Uttar Pradesh to the east. It’s the most populous city in India about 1,484 square kilometers (573 sq mi). It has inhabitants around 25 million so that it is the most populous city & most populous urban agglomeration in India and 2nd most significant area on the planet.

Such is the nature of urban enlargement in Delhi that its progress has expanded beyond the NCT to include cities in neighboring states with its largest extent can count up a population around 25 million residents by 2014. After Mumbai, Delhi gets the second-highest quantity of millionaires and billionaires among all cities in India. Some of the best places to visit are listed below:-

Lotus Temple
This Bahai House of Worship is unique and one of the very most visited worship places in Delhi. Started in December 1986, this lotus designed structure is to instruct oneness of God, Mankind, and religions. Within my last visit to the place I came across pin-drop silence and an excellent connection with its ambiance. Night view of the Bahai House of Worship (Lotus Temple) is gorgeous. It’ll certainly mesmerize you from outside the house.

Akshardham Temple
This spectacular building is not really a temple alone. It reveals the architectural richness and customs of India. There are a boat ride, a huge screen film, and musical fountain, all depicting different facets of Indian culture. Here you can find “The garden of India” which is a lush green spread presenting Indian warriors and various national figures which are completely a fresh experience for the travelers.

National Zoological Park
Pets or animals buffs can have a complete package of recreation and fun at Delhi Zoo. The National Zoological Park (originally) is a 176-acre of land so close to the Old Fort in Delhi, India. A sixteenth-century fortification, a sprawling green island and a diverse collection of birds and animals, all in the middle of a burgeoning urban Delhi. The zoo is home to around 1350 animals representing around 130 types of species and birds from around the world.

Connaught Place
It is possibly the most happening places for shopping and business in New Delhi. The Colonial style buildings forming two (outer and inner) circles provide opportunities for entertainment, eating and staying. Janpath and Palika Bazar are most crowded for purchases by local people and tourists. Shopping at Palika bazaar requires bargaining. A good deal of handicrafts comes in emporiums of the different state of India. The area has been renamed as Rajiv Chowk after the late Prime Minister.
Palika Bazaar is underground, but near the top of it there are lawns and fountains where people wish to spend time after shopping as well as for strolling. Especially in the summertime, people spend some time to see the coolness.